Shattered Plaster Relief

A private client recently asked for our help in repairing this beautiful plaster relief that belongs to his family. It was severely damaged when it was accidentally closed in a car trunk. Due to the high sentimental value of the relief, it was was extremely important to the client that it be repaired properly and professionally. The first portion of the project included identifying and cataloging all of the pieces. Some of these pieces were crumbs, some were shards, and a few were large pieces. 

Afterwards, Jennifer and Lauren can be seen here preparing the damaged surfaces for repair. This work performed during this step is vital to ensuring a strong bond when the adhesives are applied. After rejoining the components, the adhesive is allowed to dry before a composite plaster mixture is used to fill the losses and voids. Expertly shaping the fills to match the surface contours is crucial to making the repaired areas “disappear”. After the fills are shaped, a combination of acetone and water known as “fast water” is used to apply reversible pigments during the final step of the repair and restoration.