Color Matching and Retouching

Carolina Conservation specializes in conservation work for fire and water damaged collections. In addition to the effects of fire, smoke, and water losses, collection items often have pre-existing issues which must be addressed before proper cleaning can take place. This painting had flaking and lifting paint layers which required consolidation before cleaning and repairs could be performed. Consolidation is a general term that can describe a number of techniques used to improve the bond between loose paint layers, or media to its substrate or support. In cases where there has been a partial loss to the paint layers, the loss is filled and retouched using reversible fills and retouching pigments. In order to keep the viewer’s eye from being drawn to the repaired areas of loss, the conservator uses a retouching technique referred to as mimetic retouching. This mimics the artist’s original color palette and texture, thus allowing the viewer to appreciate the painting as a whole.