The restoration work performed on my artwork damaged by Hurricane Katrina was incredible! All of the pieces appeared to be brand new again. I look forward to using Carolina Conservation again.
— Nancy Albright
Carolina Conservation made my paintings look wonderful again, even where the paint had completely fallen off. I have had work done by other conservators and I am having Carolina Conservation redo their work.
— Ester Adams Honeycutt
The restoration work you did after my home fire was wonderful. You all are true artists and your staff deserves much praise! Thanks for helping me put my home back together.
— Tom Bahringer
We found several loose pages of our photo albums strewn around after a tornado hit our town and destroyed our home. Many had some water damage and most had insulation from our attic embedded between the photos and the plastic page covers. The restoration done by Carolina Conservation was incredible. Nearly all of the photos were repaired to the point where you could not tell they were damaged at all. They also took the time to mount the photos in new albums and even transferred the original labels. These photos were among the few things that could not be replaced and we were so grateful that Carolina Conservation was able to save them!
— Mike, Washington, IL
Bob and I have finally started to unwrap our “old friends”. After Ryan left we peeked at a few things and then went back to trying to make sense of the kitchen, bathrooms and our clothes. Yesterday and today I have unwrapped almost everything and we could not be happier. We laugh at the fact that somethings look better than the day we bought them like the triple mirror and some of the pictures that now have frames and mats that make them so much more interesting.

Our entire experience with Carolina Conservation has been exceptional. We consider ourselves very lucky that Chris Rowley recommended you to us. Ryan shared that your business is going through another growth spurt and that you have added some new employees. We are so pleased for you that all your hard work and expertise is showing such wonderful results. Carolina Conservation was one of many silver linings in our “fire cloud.”
— Pattie, Southport, NC